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11. March 2022
DIY tip from Gordon

DIY – photo memory box

You are looking for a gift for a special person? It should come from the heart and not be off the shelf? Last minute would be great, since you don’t have time to order anything or stroll through the stores? Or are you looking for something personal for yourself, as you want to give your home decor a makeover?

Our DIY memory box is just the thing for you! A memory box is something very individual and personal – either for yourself alone or to share. After all, there are photos or collages that you only want to share with yourself or the person in your heart and not decorate boldly in your home.

A memory box combines special shared experiences with a decorative piece of jewelry. As for the material of the box, you can trust your taste, because you know best what pleases. We chose a wooden box because the surface is very high quality and wood is a renewable resource.

You can equip the box with everything that is dear to you. Create in no time a homemade photo gift that makes hearts beat faster.

Step by step to an individual gift

Choose your favorites from the pictures you took together. The last vacation together or a combination of everyday life, snapshots and travel are super suitable! Whether you choose ten or more than 50 photos depends on the size of the box.

What else you need for the memory box:

  • A box (e.g. made of wood – any size)
  • pixolo photo prints of your choice. Choose between classic photo prints, photo strips, retro photos and collages.
  • pixolo fun stickers, e.g. our Love Set
  • Dried flowers or other decorative elements
  • Memories such as tickets from past visits, saved Post-its, and more.
  • Do you have a favorite snack? Then this may also find a place of honor in the box. Give free rein to your creativity.

Create your favorite moments

Now you can let off steam creatively. It’s as easy as this:

  1. Open the pixolo app and choose a store near you.
  2. Choose a photo product of your choice, e.g. the cool retro photos.
  3. Choose a format and your favorite pictures from your smartphone library.
  4. You can design as many different photo products as you like. A mix is especially good for the DIY box.
  5. After ordering, you will receive a QR code, which you simply hold in front of the printer in the pixolo store.
  6. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have your photo prints in your hands.
  7. Collect everything you want to put in the memory box and put a smile on the face of a loved one!

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