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About us


pixolo was launched in 2018 to realize a mission: to print your personal memories directly from your smartphone. Our original idea and the developed PrintCube app became pixolo in 2021. Your brand for photos and creative instant gifts that you can hold in your hands after just a few clicks. Founded by app specialists and marketers, our team has been growing ever since.

Born in Germany

Our parent company is a German software company with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main and a second office in Poland (di support GmbH). For more than 20 years we have been revolutionizing the photo industry with our innovative products.

Our strategy to look beyond sea level is no secret (oh yes, because we are on an international mission)! That’s why we’re already working with stores all over Europe, so you can easily use our app in Italy, England or Poland.

The rest is coming soon!

Simple, fast and innovative
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